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Originally posted by Sam

Sorry I don't properly understand what you mean by this?
I guess you mean that in every transmission somthing small is lost?
I would have fleshed this out, but I had to go hand out exam papers to some sick people.
Simply because of the amount of information in the world, some of it will inevitably be lost. In perhaps a thousand years, precious little will be remembered about current history (in the context of how much information is available now.)

And even had Tomiki been able to fit his entire knolwedge in a handy syllabus, his students are fallible and have their own interpretations. I believe fully that he can have maintained his own _standard_ in his best students, but also that each of them will be slightly different and unique, regardless of uniform syllabi, and that through their own insights the art will evolve. (I think if a martial art does not evolve, it's dead.)

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