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Re: Concepts for Beginners

1. Third point.
2, 90 degree principle.
3. Getting over the centre.
4. Attacking the centre.
5. Pronation and sublination.
6. Using the feet as the delivery system - throwing with the feet and not the hands.
7. Correct breathing.
8. Joining before leading.
9. Taking up the slack.
10. Practice Aikido in all aspects of life, even sweeping the dojo .
These are the first ten other than the physical aspects like Sankau Irimi, Tenshin, Tenkai, Irimi Tenkan.

I forgot.

11. Follow and control the thumb.
12. Follow and control the head.
13. Follow and control the elbows.
14. Follow and control the hips.
15. Tai Iku, Ki Iku, Toku Iku, Joshiki no Kanyo
16. Masakatsu, Agatsu, Katsu Haya Hi
17. Plie (first position from ballet or the reverse curtsy).
18. Torifune Kogi Undo and applications of the hip entry.
19. Furikaburi.
20. Beating the opponent through spirit before attacking physically.

I guess there were more than 10. No wonder my students are confused about my counting system!


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