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Re: Examples of Henka Waza

Sharon Bader wrote:
You would actually be correcting Kawahara Shihan in that case.

The way he explained Henka waza ( at least this year anyway) was that Tori would start one technique get "stuck" this would provide the 'energy' or 'opening' to change into another technique.

Which is really making me think of the Kotegeishi -> Koshinage. Must be the wicked breaking elbow variation.

Or tenkan and move into it like how we whould do a sankyo koshinage. hmmm cool.
Changing from one technique to another like you explain is Henka Waza, but Henka Waza is not changing from one technique to another like you explain.

Just as 1 and 2 are numbers, but numbers are not 1 and 2.

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