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Re: Bokken etiquette

At the dojo I train at, the handles of the bokken are on the right hand side of the rack when stored. The weapons rack is on the same wall as the entrance, with the Tokonoma on the opposite wall. When we first pick it up for the day, we bow holding the bokken, handle to the right hand side and facing the Tokonoma. When carrying it, we carry in our left hand, edge pointed upwards. When in seiza either carrying it as when standing or laying it down edge pointed at ourself on our right hand side. Obviously it is out when practicing, or demonstrating. Also, we are not supposed to put it down and leave it by itself, or step over it for safety and respect reasons.

Peter Gröndahl wrote:
Is there a real difference between a bokken and an iaito? Ain´t both just training props that are used because the real thing is to dangerous for normal training?
I have never used an iato since I don't do iado, but I have observed part of an iado class at my dojo and from the looks of it, an iato is probably more dangerous than a bokken since it is actually metal and has a finer point (my bokken has a slightly flattened tip). Maybe not as dangerous as a live blade, but still more than a wooden sword.

For my own newbie opinion, it may be a piece of wood without a real edge on it, or even an edgeless steel or aluminum blade, but isn't the point of training to train "as if it were the real thing?" So the way I see it, yes it may be a bokken used for safety reasons, but for all training purposes, I treat it like a real sword, like it has a razor sharp edge.

Just my newbie thoughts
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