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Re: Mysterious Action of Kotodama

Hiroaki Izumi wrote:
Ah, my irreverence and irrelevance is not lost on some.

In vino veritas!

Often, I find trying to discuss Japanese concepts in English extremely difficult and would rather move the discussion to a direction in which all the concepts and their relationships are in English. And vice versa for Japanese.

So, Chuck, I think you hit the nail on the head. It is about constant change and how things all balance out in the end (of course which is not the real end since we aren't at the end and if it was, it wouldn't matter). You know, this made more sense after that sixth rum.

Back to work.

Hello Rocky,

Ah, the mysterious influence of aikido kotodama! I access the forum and just happen to look at my Private Messages and behold, there is a message\and it's from you. Ohisashiburi. I have fond memories of the visit to Hong Kong. Did Ken ever tell you about the scotch?

I am glad you are participating in this web site and this forum. The 'Voices of Experience' have a wraithlike quality and could do with some more input.

As for the matter you raised in the PM, I am going to Tokyo this weekend and will meet Hiroshi Somemiya. Then I will get back to you via PM. Mutsuko Minegishi is in a similar situation in Saipan.

Hope to meet you again soon,



P A Goldsbury
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