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Re: Thank you, Rev. Furuya!

That was very interesting- I wondered how much the differences between American Aikido culture and Japanese Aikido culture impacted the original events we're discussing. Given the unpopular opinion about Americans worldwide, I try on purpose to be overly-respectful of other cultures. Good manners are never a mistake, so if I'm going to be wrong, I'll err on the side of formality. I'm thankful to be at a dojo where ettiquette is stressed, so if I'm training abroad someday, I'll well represent my dojo and sensei.

To the original point- Since my only intention here is to support a person I know is good, I have no attachment to winning. Therefore, I can not lose.

I think it's interesting how this thread is turning out. I'm a recent convert to Aikido and very new to Forumjutsu. What's my next move here- blend and turn? (now where's that smiley face button?)

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