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Re: Thank you, Rev. Furuya!

Bill Danosky wrote:
My thought when I started this thread was that- with a strong enough show of support- we might regain his valuable guidance. I realize now that online forums are for debating issues. That was my error, since the whole idea may be to present opposing viewpoints. For my part, I believe Reverend Furuya is to be revered and should be beyond any question of courtesy. If O-Sensei were participating in this forum, no one would dare to question his input (somebody PLEASE tell me I'm right about this!). I mean, look at his credentials- if one doesn't think Rev. Furuya, Sensei has enough credibility, who would? At our dojo, Sensei never even opens a door for herself. As marital artists, we're supposed to conform to a higher ideal. Respect for the teachers and traditions is probably (here, I guess I'd better say arguably) our highest one. Maybe if some people wore their dogis while they were posting, they'd remember they're slighting a foundation member of our art, just for the sake of an argument.
No offense to Furuya, but he's hardly a "foundation member of our art". I've trained with any number of people more experienced than he is, and they all opened their own doors - but that doesn't mean that they were any less respected.

If Morihei Ueshiba were online now then I certainly hope that people would be question his input - that's the nature and strength of the medium. Otherwise I might as well just be reading a book.



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