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Originally posted by [Censored]
What style of ukemi do you practice, and what do you feel are the advantages of practicing this style over a softer/harder/more cooperative/less cooperative style?
I am using "ukemi" in its broadest sense, i.e., "what you do to/with the person applying the technique".

My own belief is that ample resistance by uke is conducive to learning, with certain qualifications. I don't think, for example, that uke should resist at such as level as to prevent nage from performing any technique at all, unless that is the shared goal of a particular practice session. I don't think uke should resist in such a way as to compel nage to switch techiques; again, unless that is the goal of the practice. I don't think that uke should resist mindlessly, from an inferior position which they cannot possibly maintain but for nage's benevolence. I don't think that uke should put more energy into their attack(s), then they can deal with in a throw or pin.

With these qualifications, I am strongly in favor of "fighting back" in Aikido practice. I think that many aikidoka disagree with me, and I'm interested in hearing why.
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