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Re: Other styles of Ukemi???

Originally posted by Aikidoka2000
Sorry, but I am not sure I understand your question fully.
I practice Ukemi, In which I can roll like a ball forward, backwards
sideways and diagonal.
Ukemi also encompasses breakfalls and how to be thrown without being injured.
Is there another kind of Ukemi?
I'd have to say that the "falling" part of ukemi is just a small part of the entirety of ukemi. Lisa Tomoleoni wrote a good article on this subject which is on this site:

As far as ukemi "styles" go, there are identifiable traits that apply to certain people's ukemi. At Nishio sensei's seminar several years back, I was asked if I was a student of so-and-so sensei because of the way I took ukemi. (I wasn't, per se, but I had trained with so-and-so sensei many times before and had picked up certain ways of doing ukemi for certain techniques.) I've noticed myself that students of Yamada sensei take ukemi in a different manner than those of Kanai sensei, Chiba sensei, Tohei sensei, Takeda sensei, and so forth...

-- Jun

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