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Re: Thank you, Rev. Furuya!

Well made points. Years ago I used to work in human resources management and one of the things we always taught managers to do was look at the person's performance or behavior and address how you diagreed with it or how it was not to a standard (civility for example). They were taught to never make the discussion about the person but rather the action, result or behavior against acceptable norms.

George's points are well taken. It is easy to hide behind the anonymity of a forum. It is also easy to posture and make attacks when you have nothing to lose reputation wise (I doubt you will see many shihan participating in such discussions). However, it is more challenging to engage in a spirited and aiki like discussion hashing out complex issues or topics while maintaining courtesy, respect and civility. I'm sure the good reverend realized that even though he was able to share his valuable insights that it was just probably not worth the aggravation. Afterall, Buddhism is about seeing the world in reality. Given some of his treatment it was probably a reality he did not want to continue suffering through.
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