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Ukemi choices

Originally posted by Aikidoka2000
Sorry, but I am not sure I understand your question fully.
I practice Ukemi, In which I can roll like a ball forward, backwards
sideways and diagonal.
Ukemi also encompasses breakfalls and how to be thrown without being injured.
Is there another kind of Ukemi?
In my opinion, ukemi involves a lot of choices. How fast do you attack? What is the nature of your grasp? How much posture do you sacrifice in order to maintain a grip with your ring and pinky fingers? How close do you stay to nage? How long do you face nage? At what point, if ever, do you actively resist? At what point do you give up your connection to nage to take your fall? Do you take a backfall or a breakfall?

I happen to believe that there are distinct styles of ukemi, but just as with styles of aikido it is very difficult to reach consensus on what characterizes each.

What choices do you make during ukemi?


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