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Re: Thank you, Rev. Furuya!

"The great thing about the Internet is that anybody can say anything on it. The bad thing about the Internet is that anybody does"

I've been using the Internet before either the WWW or Linux even existed -- yes, that long! -- and if there is one thing I have learnt is: grew a teflon armour. I've been insulted, flamed and abused more time than I care to remember. Sometimes it was even with reason but most of the time it was just because someone thought differently from me and was abusive in thier way of passing this information. Hell, I've even been flamed on this forum more than once.
I'm still posting my view -- and if you don't like it, I have a theorm nuclear device waiting to be used... I got it cheap of EBay [1]

I think that either Rev Furuya was taken aback by the replies or he used the common Zen technique of shocking us into satori. I'm still not sure which it is but next time I am in LA. I'll ask him. Yeah, like _that's_ going to help!

--- Notes ----
[1] Just in case you can't work it out: THIS IS A BAD TASTE JOKE...

The people who understand, understand prefectly. York Shodokan Aikido
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