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The question wasn't really directed towards using aikido in "real" situations, however, maybe that's what I meant without even realizing it (the need for real self defence).

The question was intended to be more like: does each generation of sprinters get faster? Boxers? Weightlifters? Hmm, these are all sports though.

It's a tricky question in that it could be argued that (and this is just an example) competition could help produce an excellent generation of aikidoka (due to incentive), or perhaps the exact opposite, like what what happened in judo (some would say that what happened there wasn't so bad - but I doubt you'd find that view here in this forum).

Does aikido need more high-ranking students to carry the torch, or will this just lead to quick promotions and lower standards?

We always hear of the old masters being so outstanding. What about the new masters?


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