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Smile Re: Are standards going north or south?

Originally posted by Jim23
I have a question regarding standards. Does each generation of students in aikido (or any martial art for that matter) get a little worse or a little better than the preceeding one?
Difficult question isn't it?

KAMI : Hello, Jim!
No, it isn't (a difficult question). Just dust-off and read your old history books. In old times, every martial art practitioner (and there were always just a few) were obsessively dedicated to the study of their art. The uchideshi system was very much in use. The teachers, possibly, were better.
Then, Gendai Budo came in, with their vast numbers of students. You couldn't teach
on an individual basis (that's the reason Yoshinkan's training was standardized. It was impossible to teach large police forces the same way Ueshiba and Shioda were used to teach just a few students). Also, for the same reason, you had to reduce the number of techniques; eliminate "dangerous" techniques (you'll lose students that way!); and substitute student's attention, comprehension and perception by just sheer repetition.Today's students live their own lives; work; have a family; personal interests...Aikido is only a small part of their lives.
The introdution of competition would not improve the art but it would surely improve COMPETITION. Very good, if you want to change the art into a sport (not good or bad, just different).
Yes, apart from training and the teacher, I believe Martial Arts are coming downhill.
Hope I'm wrong

P.S. By the way...I'm still farther south. What do you have against regions below the Rio Grande?

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