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David Humm
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Re: Bokken etiquette

As a student of iai and aiki I am often amused at the 'reverance' placed on a bit of wood by aikidoists with no formal training with a skinken or iaito.

The simple rules of thumb regarding a bokken;

When placing a bokken on a stand next to a kamiza, have the kissaki (tip) pointing away from any images of the founder

When training on the mat try to avoid training directly in front of the kamiza with either bokken or jo (they both have the ability to break things in/on the kamiza if let go of)

As long as there is some uniformaty in the way wooden weapons are stored on walls, there shouldn't be an issue.

When paying respects to the kamiza with a bokken in your hands, turn the so called 'blade' toward youself and have the tsuka (handle) nearest your right hand.

And as already been said, "when in Rome"
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