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Originally posted by akiy

What would you consider to be "effective" atemi? A knock-out punch? A black eye? An open-handed slap to the eye, enough to cause them to lose their vision for a few minutes? A bop on the nose, enough to cause tears?

-- Jun
I would consider all those and even mellower ones than what you mentioned valid. My original perpsective was from the ukemi side. In other words, being able to deliver a good clean strike with a little bit of juice to it, so at least you could deliver respectable ukemi. Again, this may be a function of the strange Aikido world I wander in, but it just isn't taught much that I see. If you can deliver respectable ukemi, you can better help your nage's get respectable as well.

From the perspective of wildaikido's comments, I'd think your atemi had best be on the really good level, the very distracting level or the very something level, otherwise, I think a good boxer (which is the level being discussed) would eat you for breakfast. You probably aren't going to water the eyes of boxer and that's about the best a lot of Aikidoist's could probably hope for with a strike in my opinion. A boxer will also probably be a lot harder to distract with conventional atemi as well. Wildaikido did have a more proactive slant though.

Is that something in the realm of what you were looking for as an answer?

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