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Re: Poll: Who determines the outcome of a technique in aikido?

Joe Cavazos wrote:
...Uke should go wherever nage takes him/her...
I think there is a big difference between doing aikido and learning to do techniques. I think what is expressed by many is the compliance of uke in learning to do a technique. Sensei tells nage what will be done and nage and uke do it. However in my mind this is only the first stage of aikido. Effective aikido is learnt when nage blends and is responsive to uke's movement. i.e. there is a freestyle situation and uke attacks, and nage has to respond appropriately and with blending. This is more realistic - an attacker will NOT go where you lead them in a real situation; nage has to fit in with uke in these cases.

---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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