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Ubaldo & Peter,

Hope you don't mind a bit of noise from me at this point.

In my experience of judo in the US (over the past 47 years) most of the clubs/dojo are doing kyogi judo (sport)as opposed to tadashi judo ("proper" judo or principle based practice) and even the ones who say they aren't interested in sport or tournaments are doing techniques that have been altered to fit what wins in today's "koka judo" style.

The style of technique and the philosophy being taught by most of these "coaches" is based on what will win without going through the process of learning good judo. I have seen quite a few national level competitors who, in my estimation, don't know judo and have no hope of teaching judo properly to others. They were good athletes and scrappers and were taught just enough to win. These "coaches" want to be known as teachers of champions. In the end, this style of judo will evolve into something that is so non-judo-like that it will obviously not even be thought of as judo anymore. I suspect it's not far from that now.

As you can see, I have a strong opinion about this. It breaks my heart.


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