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Re: Poll: Who determines the outcome of a technique in aikido?

Alfonso Adriasola wrote:
this is in context right now in my class, and my current understanding is

Uke: a highly skilled uke can reverse any technique as soon as Nage attempts it, and Nage can reverse the reversal , but at that point Nage is Uke since uke receives.., and past that point its back to Nage, since Nage is putting out..

when can we dispense with Uke/Nage?
I agree with this. It really boils down to how do you define uke or how do you define nage. I mean, when "uke" attacks, he/she has every intention of being a "nage" him/her self. He/she wants to make an uke out of the nage.

And then you have the reversals that can happen when one partner uses too much strength etc., so the roles of uke/nage are being switched around during these episodes.

I suppose whomever lands on the mat is really the uke, whether he/she started out that way or not, and I agree with a previous poster that uke (the one that hits the mat), is the one that resolves the conflict through his ukemi; by escaping unharmed.
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