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Re: Poll: Who determines the outcome of a technique in aikido?

It's interesting that there seem to be many different definitions of what "outcome" means.

1. Which technique is done (this was what I thought when reading the poll question)
2. Whether uke gets hurt or not
3. Where uke falls
4. Shite/Nage successful at throwing/controlling uke
5. What the initial response is to uke (and whether technique necessary or not) based on attack

I'm not sure if that accurately sums up everything that has been said, but it is certainly interesting that the same word means so many different things to different people.

After looking over the list I still think that it is shite that is in control of the situation and determines the outcome.

1. Shite does the technique shite feels is right. The exact same attack probably will produce a different final technique from different shite's because different people are better at different techniques
2. Shite should be responsible for feel how close uke is to be getting hurt and respond accordingly. I know that some dojos fail someone without a question if any uke are hurt during a test.
3. Techniques are about guiding uke to where you want to put them. Even if that place is the same place they would fall if you just chose to put them there (or allow them to go there) and not someplace else
4. Whoever controls the technique becomes, by defination, I think, Shite. So whomever throws/controls the other is shite and sets the outcome.
5. If shite chooses not to block the attack...they'll get hit in the head. Their choice. If they block and move the attack, they move with what is natural to them. Two people may respond different to the exact same attack.

Interesting poll. But after thinking it over again, I don't think it should be so ambiguous. Talk of blending and being the center of the universe as a cohensive whole of two Aikidoka is all great, but in the end something happens based on your experience, technique and the person who determines what that outcome is is the person who is, ultimately, in control of the technique and by definition gets the title of shite (or nage...if you will).

It is a bit of a chicken and the egg argument, but even that one should be unambiguous...with a little thought

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