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Re: Poll: Who determines the outcome of a technique in aikido?

unanswerable. definately.

Becuase the uke/nage may be more skilled than the other? sure. why not. ill accept that.

But I see it this way. If uke doesnt attack then the technique isnt done. Therefore he controls the technique. HOWEVER. If we are classiflying the uke by his "lethal intent" versus whether he actually attacks.....Then the nage could attack the uke because he knows that he must strike before stricken first. And then the uke responds, nage then responds and throws the uke.

So if you are saying that definately the uke will attack, or definately the nage will wait until attacked....the ill say that it boils down to the skill (and how nice each person is ) of each party involved.

Either way, its still definately unanswerable!

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