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Re: Poll: Who determines the outcome of a technique in aikido?

I think the outcome is determined by the nage.

If nage is skilled, he surely determines how & where & why, etc... If uke resists, he may go to something else in the aikido aresenal, but it is nage who determines.

If the nage is not skilled, the determination is still nage's. Uke may resist or help nage finish the technique but it is nage's will or fault that the technique ended up where it did. In other words, a non skilled nage may determine to abandon the technique early or to abandon technique altogether. His next determination should be to find out how to make technique work more effectively.

Uke is a wiling partner who really should determine nothing. Uke should go wherever nage takes him/her. Uke may offer resistance to help nage find out something about himself, but the determination of the technique should always be nage.

At least that is what I think.
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