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Re: Poll: Who determines the outcome of a technique in aikido?

The answer is uke! Why? Because the uke's response will dictate the outcome. If the uke or attacker, receives the technique, relaxes, and "gives it up", then the result will be a nice roll, and easy breakfall, or a "calm" meeting with the mat, which ends in a pin. But if not, then the results will not be nice. 9 weeks ago, I suffered a partially torn ligament in my right elbow. The nage was very apologetic and upset that I got hurt. But, I had to be honest and tell him that it was really my fault. Who was responsible for the outcome? The uke! Why? Because we were doing Shihonage, I wasn't moving, was very flat-footed, and my arm wasn't even tense to signal that I might not be ready. I was in a "lull." When the nage started to do the technique, I suddenly realized I wasn't keeping up and that I was flat-footed (something my Sensei had warned me about before). I tried to catch up by "leaping" at the last second, but he had already turned his hip and started the cut. Nevertheless, there was a loud "pop" and now I'm in therapy. No matter what the technique, if the uke doesn't do what they are suppose to do, then the outcome won't be good.

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