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Originally posted by Kami
I find it strange they aren't easily available in Shodokan Aikido, at least for their members. You get numbers in soccer, basketball, volleyball, judo, etc...From your words, it seems only in Tomiki Aikido those data are difficult to obtain.
I just said no one organization keeps track of all these things. I don't think great importance is attached to it and there is no world governing body. I'm sure if you wrote to several organizations and found someone who has done the calculations you might be able to get the information togeather. Your best bet is the British Aikido Association which because of the size of their country and the regularity of their events might be able to give you significant numbers about the growth or decline of shiai. That of course would only apply to that country.

Even in Japan, as I've stated elsewhere, one attends maybe two events a year. College students, because of University events, one maybe two more. Shodokan Aikido is not competion driven - the goal is not the same as soccer, basketball, volleyball or even judo at the international level. Karl, myself and others, who train from within the organization, have tried to explain this to you. Keeping score is not a priority.

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