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Re: Ki is Extended.

I am just a beginner in the ki field, but i did grasp the feeling of it very quickly, and can do many ki tests with ease. I do it like this: relax (for example my arm), and just concentrate on it not bending. So i'm not clenching my whole arm, nor am i using excess force and straightening it. All i do is keep it from bending, and nothing more than that. I had a friend touch my biceps at that time, only to find it completely relaxed.

My philosophy (just my opinion) is that you should not use any additional force. You just have to counter the force that your friend gives you. Well, not counter it, rather dissipate it. Same goes for the unbreakable circle (the thing with your fingers). If your fingers are clenched even befor your partner tries to pull them apart, you probably will not succeed (spelling?). Relax, and extend your ki only as much as you have to.
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