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Ki is Extended.

From Training > Presence Attack Thread
Craig Hocker wrote:
Extended sounds like you are done not doing...

I prefer something that gives the impression that the process is ongoing.

not past tense but a state of being in the this moment NOW.

Ki is Extended. Another way to phrase this is Ki is already and always extended.

When you normally show beginners unbendable arm, you might use the illusion of having water run through their arms and out their finger tips. This imagery of extending or doing something works well for people who need to get the feeling of ki extension. However this becomes a hindrance when you take the more advanced ki tests.

When someone is extending ki towards you, you should already be extending ki. You aren't doing anything special. So to pass an advanced test, you need to do nothing. As Dr. Who would say,"It has to be the right kind of nothing."

This is why Ki Society HQ. (KNK) put an addendum to the basic principle, "Extend Ki." and added,"Ki is Extended." This says you need to be in a certain psychological/physiological state, rather than trying to do something when you're tested. When you say, "Extend Ki" or "Ki is Extending," you're telling the person to "do something" i.e. Extend Ki.

If people are alive, they're extending ki. They may be doing a good or bad job of it, but they are extending 24 x 7. The reason they're doing a poor job of it is because they get in the way of themselves. My understanding is that this is a recent concept from KNK. Your ego gets in the way from letting you have the best possible ki extension by telling you to "do something".

If you give an unbendable arm test to someone on both arms, by having a tester on each arm, they usually fail. What happens is the person's mind switches back and forth from one arm to the other, trying to extend ki. However if you tell them to raise their arms, relax and keep one point, they generally pass with no problem. So they don't have to "do" anything to pass the more advanced test.

I just wish I could do all this stuff as easy as I write about it.

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