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Hello, Peter!

I omitted opinions and I asked for answers. If you think those are immaterial things that serve no purpose, as Karl pointed out, so be it. As I said before to Karl, in what it concerns us, I bowed out and this thread, for me, is finished. I'm tired of being misunderstood and, at least, in the case of Karl, called many things(manipulator of quotes; hidden intentions; no conditions to talk about some things...). I sincerely feel there is too much sensibility here and some raw skin. If we can't have a cool debate, it's better to close this thread. I have no need to compete for my opinions or to win a debate. That would be an useless competition, in my opinion.
By the way, data is available on a great number of sports and no one asks about people's "intentions" in asking for them. I find it strange they aren't easily available in Shodokan Aikido, at least for their members. You get numbers in soccer, basketball, volleyball, judo, etc...From your words, it seems only in Tomiki Aikido those data are difficult to obtain. If that's the case, from what I gathered from your post, then this thread is finished and at the present stage, we'b better give it up.
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Originally posted by PeterR

Perhaps while I am in Japan I can ask for the information but as Karl pointed out it would serve no purpose. It wouldn't convince you to the value of competion in AIkido.

Secondly, why do you demand data. It should be enough that either Karl or I say it is the case. If we are dishonest we could feed you fake data and you wouldn't be the wiser.

No one ever asked you to back up the statement that toshu randori never caught on with hard facts and from my perspective it is enough that those who experienced the events say differently. This is a casual forum - not a court of law.

"We are all teachers, and what we teach is what we need to learn, and so we teach it over and over again until we learn it".
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