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Re: Mysterious Action of Kotodama

Christopher Li wrote:
OK, I guess that I'll start things out, since nobody seems to be posting here...

In the beginning of "Take Musu Aiki" Morihei Ueshiba attempts to explain what "Aikido" is - one of the examples given is "Aikido is the mysterious action of kotodama, the great way of universal misogi."
The mysterious universal application of the laws of thermodynamics and probability on which the interaction of bodies in space depend. And when viewing all the activity in all the universe, each activity becomes improbable, unique, and a miracle since the probability of a particle being in any one spot at a specific point in time is improbable. We must simply accept that it is. Once we can accept that and work with it, everything becomes possible.

Yeah, I've gone off the deep end. That's what you get when you mix Zen with Physics.

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