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Re: Poll: How often do you verbally correct students senior to yourself who are making mistakes during aikido training?

I don't think that I correct others in the sense of "you're wrong..." (well... if someone isn't doing the technique I will say "no", meaning "no, that's not throwing me") I do it in the sense of if we can't figure out why a technique isn't working I'll say "what about..." Some people may find that offensive but I have found that many times students with lower ranks,than me, are able to offer some pretty good tips if I am having trouble figuring out a technique. Being Uke really gives one a great perspective; if the technique is done right , then you get to learn it, if it's done wrong you get to say what you would have needed to feel in order for it to have been done right, then you get to learn it. But this is just my opinion. But overall, I do not think there is much upper ranking Criticism in our school, our Sempai know their stuff well enough so that understudents don't feel the need to "correct". hmm... I wonder if i said it right.

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