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Rocky Izumi
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Re: How have you helped with stiffness?

Forgot last night.

When I get to the point where I just pull my hair out, I make the stiff person go and teach the kids for a while. Can't be stiff when throwing kids or taking ukemi from them. This final alternative seems to work out pretty good. It is just a matter, then, of making sure they retain that flexibility when they come back to work with other adults. Usually takes about three weeks for people to retain that flexibility when moving back to practicing with adults. Gives a significant improvement each time you do it. With some people, however, you have to do it multiple times over the year to get them to the point of flexibility that you would be willing to accept.

Got a couple here that even after two years and multiple sessions with the kids, they are still so stiff they make me pull my hair out. However, I will be patient and let them work it out themselves. After all, the student is 61 years of age and didn't start martial arts until the age of 59.

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