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Re: Handling Complaints

Several times I have been sent out by a Shihan to investigate, decide on an action, and give advice to "rough" people. It usually meant I was hurt or injured in the process but was that not my job? Is it not part of the Shihan's purogative to send people out to do such investigations? It keeps things quiet and within the dojo. If you can change someone's behaviour without making the whole thing public, is it not better? It seems that making it public will cause the "rambo" person to fight back to keep from losing face. A private practice with the person or apparent "strong" public practice among close to equals would seem to be less of a situation where one person loses face and is less likely to change their behaviour. Of course, if a person does not change their "rambo" behaviour, it may require more upfront methods calculated for the person to lose face or not practice teaching again (in whatever manner is most appropriate for the case). Join, then Lead. Then, if they won't be led to a good conclusion, and continue to attack, crush as is.

I also assume it is the job of the Shidoin and Fukushidoin to keep track of such rumors as rambo instructors and report them to the Shihan for his decision to launch an investigation.

In my own dojo, I just kicked the people out and forbade them to practice Aikido with anyone other than myself or their closest friends, and not in a dojo, until I allowed them back into Aikido. Two that I did that to are now some of the best results I have had. One is at another friend's dojo and one is now the chief instructor of his own dojo. I let them cool in the wilderness for 5 years. They seemed to have learned during those five years.

I suppose these are part of the old ways but I have found them to work quite well for me. I am not sure all Shidoin really understand their responsibilities but it would seem to me that by the time they are Shidoin, they should understand or someone should tell them. In part, they are there to act as the Shihan's eyes, ears, mouth, hands, feet, and body. They are his/her communications system and administrative information/investigative system.

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