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arvin m.
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ryotedori tenchinage

hi guys
to cut it short
a very strong guy was trying to push his weight around during a concert today. When i approached him, he grabbed my two hands and i went into tenchinage....didnt work too well...see my earth hand went down well but the guy pushed against the hand that was going to heaven and i kinda got stuck. so anyway this guys a fellow schoolmate and he's kinda like a hi-hi fren with a major attitude.
so i pretended to smash his crotch with my knee and helet go after which i went on to simulate a few punches...i didnt really hit him cuz felt bad...but wat worries me is that my tenchinage failed to deliver in a sudden situation like that

i think that for one... i didnt step in deep enough to break his balance..two...i was pushing against his hand with my heaven hand...three...i need to relax more...has this happened to u guys before...

also..sorrie this is going on foreverthe ki trick of the unbendable arm...i applied a lot of visualization but cant seem to ignore the force being applied in the crook of the elbow. Hence my arm tends to bend a lot more
before its realli hard for pple to bend it or people actually succeed in pushing my arm to the ground. Any comments...
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