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Dario Rosati
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Re: Is cleaning the dojo part of training?

Jon Truho wrote:
Is cleaning the dojo part of training?
Personally, I think that today it's nothing more than a "trick" to keep dojo fees low, masqueraded as training
Nothing better than a few uchideshi that do the "dirty" works for you (cleaning, cooking, shopping)... they pay to be uchideshi AND work for you... oh, the paradise

Seriously speaking, I think it depends on dojo policy.
I'm going in the classical "container" structure, where a single hall hosts a lot of martial arts. Since I pay both the host and sensei, I'm expecting (and infact they do) that the host is responsible for dojo & shower maintenance; I will refuse to clean the dojo, in this situation, even if directly asked to.
I've gladly helped sensei bringing 200 mq of tatami 300 km away for a seminar, but it's different in principle.

In a "familiar" dojo, where fees are low or unexistent, and cleaning is clearly stated in advance to be on student responsibility, I'll gladly do it.

It's a matter of "clear pacts, long friendship".

Personally, I don't think cleaning has much to do with training; maybe once, but today I think the correlation between cleaning and humbleness is weak to non existent. What if a student is a professional cleaner?


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