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Karl Kuhn
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I have no idea what you are on about....


KAMI : And that's why we're having a "Battle of Opinions". It will leads us nowhere. The only way it could be clarified would be by presenting data : numbers about growth, etc...
If the data proved that Shodokan Aikido was growing and having many tournaments and champioships, as well as a growth of students in number, I would have nothing more to say, except : "SORRY, I MADE A MISTAKE AND I WAS WRONG". But you do not like that, you're "NOT SURE WHAT I WANT HERE", "You believe that's "NOT THE POINT". That way we'll never arrive at a conclusion. But so be it : we must agree to disagree. I feel your arguments are very weak and you, definitely, do not agree with my points. You do not wish to present data and so, I believe this thread, as it concerns us, is closed.

Karl Kuhn
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