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Re: Shomen Uchi Ikkyo (aikikai style)

he he he. I know the feeling, im a bit of a shorty and im constantly being remided of that at the dojo but to me its kind of an advantage (mind you there are some really tall or big people who do aikido)... you need to catch the arm before it really comes down (catch isnt the best word since ur not catching it) push out so that it turns the body and it actually lowers them a bit too....a little trick one of the senseis taught me... being short (or having a tall partner) has its advantages for shihonage especially (both uke and nage ways lol). But i know what you mean, sometimes being short or having a tall partner is not helpful in a technique, just change the technique if you find that. It can be really frustrating when that happens. Basically im saying is the same as Janets but mayby slightly different to how im meaning.
Anyway best of luck, if not talk to ur senseis, they are in the best position to help you.

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