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Paul Sanderson-Cimino
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Re: Aikido main defense in murder trial

Garry Cantrell wrote:
i can't think of a single technique that puts you into position for each of the stab wounds observed without some sophisticated transitional moves.
The article cites stab wounds to the heart, left arm, upper back, and right shoulder.

I'd like to point out the post I made earlier. Those would be precisely the places that a technique like mune-mochi nikkajo to pin would put the knife at. First the heart from the grab and retract, then over to the arm as he grabbed the elbow, then as the guy with the heart wound fell, stabbing along his back on its way to the pin - ending with a twist over the right shoulder.

That's not 18 separate deflections - it's grabbing the knife once, and then struggling to finish a single technique, with numerous small stabs resulting from natural back-and-forth and panicked clumsiness.

Either way, I think a manslaughter conviction is appropriate. He pulled the knife, and may have done these things deliberately. 10 years is a long time, but perhaps it's appropriate - even killing in defense should be viewed harshly.
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