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garry cantrell
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Re: Aikido main defense in murder trial

but that's the question isn't it? if a stab wound to the heart would, in fact, drop him like a stone, is it prudent to wait and see if he drops before stabbing again (assuming, for the sake of this discussion, that stabbing is your only available self defense application) or is it more prudent to continue until you are sure that he is no longer engaging you? relatively few events are instantaneous, including bleed outs. lots of cops make it practice to shoot in groups of two ("double taps") because it is safer than waiting to see if the first bullet works (on the other hand, if i ever tried to shoot anyone, i'd need 30 or 40 bullets and probably wouldn't come close to the intended target with any of them) . not really an answer for that i guess.
hmmm, after all of that, i've gotta say i think the jury was probably right on this one.
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