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Dario Rosati
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Re: Poll: How often do you verbally correct students senior to yourself who are making mistakes during aikido training?

I think I have to specifiy.
The ONLY situation where I "correct" a sempai, is when they start or do a tecnique in a completely different fashion than showed by sensei (for ex: starts as gyaku insead of ai-hanmi, or do irimitenkan instead of tenkan, or goes ura instead of omote an so on... putting me in trouble since I'm far from being able to improvise).

Unfortunately, it seems to me that it happens often (both in dojo and seminars). And, in these situations, I really don't care if they feel "provoked" or whatever by my ko-hai status; I think a) my security b) the respect and attinence for what sensei showed come first.


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