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Re: Grading question advice please

Hiroaki Izumi wrote:
...The fact that you had to ask this question shows me that you are not ready to grade...
I think that's a very harsh attitude. In my opinion It's fair to be curious about the way things work, and it's also quite okay to feel the need for an evaluation. Especially for the early kyu grades some kind of appreciation of your progress is often need for people to stay in the game. Heck that's what they were created for.

That whole 'If you have to ask you are not ready' attitude has a a bit of a 'holier than thou' ring to it in my ears. It's so easy to speak of the virtues of patience once you have reached the destination yourself.

Before I get flamed - Yes I know that no grade is a destination in itself - only a step on an everlasting path - but especially the first steps in aikido need to be celebrated so that the student will begin to build the confidence so needed to progress further. Artificial confidence ? yes maybe, but when someone take something this difficult upon them to learn, then I believe they deserve some encouragement.

I think we should lighten up and answer the questions in stead of putting him down. And any dojo where you are not allowed to ask questions and discuss the issues that concern you is in my book a misguided place. I'm not saying that everything is open for debate but if there is no written rule about an issue so common as gradings, then at least you should be allowed to discuss it.

Just my 2 cents.

Now let's all go practice...

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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