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Re: Aikido main defense in murder trial

Actually, this sounds completely /possible/ to me. Here's the scenario I envisioned:

Sisk attacks Alston with knife.
Alston sidesteps or small-pivots. he grabs Sisk's hand and twists it in a nikkyo direction.
Sisk's forward momentum, or him retracting the knife, or Alston pushing it inwards, carries it into his chest. In fact, it seems like your forearm length is just about right to rotate in and strike your heart.
The knife comes loose. The two twisting and moving might well carry it past the initial entry point on the left chest to strike the arm.
Alston begins a nikkyo ura-waza style takedown. This would sweep the knife around and into Sisk's back. Sisk is probably already falling over by this point, so this would be easy even for a drunk person.
If you think about it, stab wounds to the heart, left arm, and back are entirely consistent with where the knife would go in such a technique.

That doesn't mean I believe him. It's just that it /is/ remarkably consistent with where a knife might go in a struggling nikkyo takedown and pin.
I suppose it partially depends on how deep the stab wounds are - my theory here (remarkably similar to a textbook munemochi-nikkyo #2) would predict a number of light slashes/shallow stabs.

And of course, this is only part of the trial...

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