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Re: Aikido main defense in murder trial

Sisk, a volunteer firefighter from Free Union, died Nov. 8, 2003, after a night of barhopping and a verbal confrontation near the Corner. He suffered a stab wound to the heart, wounds to his left arm, upper back, right shoulder and lower back, and two cuts to his face.

Alston, who was a third-year biology major at the University of Virginia, maintains that he acted in self-defense.
Huh?! 18 cuts while defending yourself and some of them into the upper and lower back?! Whose nephew is that Alston?

Larry McCann testified that a cut that Alston sustained on his right hand was likely a defensive wound. His theory is counter to the analysis of the state's chief medical examiner, who testified last week that Alston's wound was consistent with a bloody knife slipping out of an attacker's hand.

"How many autopsies have you performed, Mr. McCann?" Zug asked during cross-examination.

"None," McCann replied.

Zug also questioned how much money the defense was paying him for his testimony. McCann said his company has already billed the defense $20,000 for his time.

"Are you selling your testimony?" the prosecutor asked.

"No, sir, I believe my testimony is the truth," McCann said.
Oh, sure! For that amount I assume he could believe in anything.
Ridiculous story! A guy is defending himself by stubbing the knife into the heart of the attacker, then attacker does not give up, he stubs the knife into his neck from the back and finally into his lower back! IMO it's a shame that Aikido is used to make people believe in that nonsense.

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