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Originally posted by Hagen Seibert
You see, I ve met many black belts in Aikido and very few of them Id trust to be able to defend themselves. The few ones who probably could had studied other martial arts as well.
How can you be a good judge of this when you have no confidence in your own techniques? (And you don't.)
Go to some Aikido seminars!!! (Some of these guys do courses in Germany, and I hope this link is a help. http://gargas.biomedicale.univ-paris...calender.shtml )

I do see your point, however. I was at a seminar recently with a guy called Tiki Shewan who pointed out that what we were practicing was not realistic, but a hypothetical "perfect" situation. (I wish I could remember a quote herre..) Of course, he wasn't teaching a technique. He was teaching a principle, and a principle that was extremely useful.

Anyhow, the hell with my opinion. Go to a seminar. Talk to a Shihan about it.

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