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I trained for 8 years in Ryukyu Kempo. Kyusho jitsu is an integral part of the system and I use it extensively in my aikido. Because of the potential danger I really don't teach it until a person is sankyu. Many times I will use it for atemi because the response to a nerve strike is usually much more dramatic than the average punch or kick, and uke will more easily be manipulated. I think a student should learn the basic waza of Aikido without Kyusho jitsu, so when it is added it isn't a crutch to "make" technique work.

If you are practicing Kyusho jitsu, make sure you go lightly, practice using the points for about 15 minutes a week and know proper techniques for repairing the damage to uke's ki that you inflict. All under your Sensei's superivision.

Jimro, Most leg points require strikes because it wouldn't be plausible to reach down and grab the opponents' leg (unless you plan on taking them to the ground--not really a kempo trait) Most strike point can also be rub points, so they can be used in Aikido. (Example: the triple-warmer point just above the elbow can be pressed upon with a knuckle to turn a powerful attacker's arm over for ikkyo.)

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