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Re: Lineage

Joseph Bowen wrote:
This actually depends on who is doing the describing. Hombu dojo existed well before WWII. Kissomaru Doshu maintained that dojo after O Sensei went to Iwama during the war. In the '50 and '60's, O Sensei started the 0630 class tradition that continues to this day at Hombu dojo. True, O Sensei build the Iwama dojo and the Aiki Shrine along with it. But, to say Hombu dojo is not "O Sensei's Dojo" is not an accurate statement.
I know that he built the old Hombu dojo. I know that he taught there (that's glossing right there). But, I submit that he was not the primary (or even secondary) force behind the administration of the dojo, or the pedagogical direction. I've talked 1v1 with people that were there at the time and have no reason to doubt what they say.

Perhaps, but to keep things short, for the sake of the pertinent question, some of details weren't necessary. Did Saito Sensei spend a great deal of time with O Sensei in Iwama? Yes. Did O Sensei charge him with looking after the Aiki-shrine? Yes. Did this mean that Saito Sensei was the true recipient of O Sensei's "Dharma Transmission"? No. Saito Sensei was good, perhaps even one of the best. But O Sensei did not give him the sole charge of Aikido. The legacy and heir went to the Doshu. Does that mean all the dojos should pass to the sons of the Sensei's? No.
Gosh, I believe that if you'll read my posts, you'll see that I've never been in the "Saito Sensei is the teacher of the One True Way" camp. Sure, I train that way as much as I'm able and, yeah, it appears to work for me. I have never made an assertion past that.

But, if you want to understand why the situation that we currently have, with TWO aikido dojo in Iwama almost across the street from each other came about, you, IMHO, only have one foot in the boat.

So, here's my take. <snip>
I think you have a good measure of it, but, from my sources, Hitohiro wanting to continue supporting Iwama Ryu was the real deal breaker.


Greg Jennings
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