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...getting back on thread...

I did a little research and couldn't find out if aikido is to be demonstrated at the 2008 Olympics. However, if it is there's a concensus on this forum that Tomiki would be the style of choice. How likely is this? From what I'd read Ki aikido has is better tailored to Olympic competition and in part was designed that way. Participants would be judged for instance on the grace of their taigi (?) rather than who could perform the most effective technique. I would stress that this is something I know next to nothing about (I'm aikikai myself). I would appeciate any more info.

As I asked earlier, do you think competition in one style would effect another style? I know it might encourage people to turn up to a other aikido dojo but there have been a few who have come to our dojo after watching Segal movies for example and haven't stayed, or harmed our aikido. And the more people turn up, the larger potentially our club could be. Not really a bad thing.

(I was going to appologise for the long post, but it's not really that long, is it...)

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