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Originally posted by Karl Kuhn
Ubaldo (I hope you do not mind me addressing you in this way, one never knows in this ether),

KAMI : You might call me CYBER SHIHAN but...Oh, well! Ubaldo will do quite nicely...

I had not intended my post as an attack or to upset you, if you have taken offense at some of my comments, I hope you will accept my apology, for that was not the spirit in which they were offered.

KAMI : No offense taken. After all this is a discussion list.

QUOTES : Kami : "...You agree with the thing I proposed that "THE TECHNIQUES IN RANDORI ARE NOT PRETTY".
Karl : No, I don't agree. They have a beauty all there own, even when they look like kata. That's ok though, isn't it? Surely we do not have to agree on standards of beauty to have a dialouge?

KAMI : Well, I tried to put a quote, as correct as possible, from something YOU said. It seems I was wrong again...

QUOTES : Kami : As I said before, the growth of competition and championships, throughout the world, should be demonstrated by data, not by words. But, as you yourself said before, "you don't feel you have to prove anything to me". So be it...
Karl : I am not sure what you want here, my friend. Why should "the growth of competition and championships, throughout the world, should be demonstrated by data, not by words" when it's not the point. The growth of Shodokan Aikido would be great! It will grow but because of the value of it's method and the quality it's teachers, nothing more nothing less.

KAMI : And that's why we're having a "Battle of Opinions". It will leads us nowhere. The only way it could be clarified would be by presenting data : numbers about growth, etc...
If the data proved that Shodokan Aikido was growing and having many tournaments and champioships, as well as a growth of students in number, I would have nothing more to say, except : "SORRY, I MADE A MISTAKE AND I WAS WRONG". But you do not like that, you're "NOT SURE WHAT I WANT HERE", "You believe that's "NOT THE POINT". That way we'll never arrive at a conclusion. But so be it : we must agree to disagree. I feel your arguments are very weak and you, definitely, do not agree with my points. You do not wish to present data and so, I believe this thread, as it concerns us, is closed.

I hope that you see my reply here in the spirit it was intended, one of good will and understanding.

KAMI : Of course, Karl! We have debated some things. We're not on a Holy War!

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