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Re: Aikido and being Christian

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
So if you do not have room for other paths for peace, then until everyone is converted to Christianity or banished from this earth then there can be no peace?

Not saying that you condone war or violence, but this is the exact justification that many societies and religions have used to wage wars on other. Hitler comes to mind.
Hitler decided for himself what he thought to be perfect and true .. and forced that on others. Again, I stress I am not for force. Neither was Jesus, and Christians shouldn't be. (though many tend to be) People bring problems by trying to force such matters .. force goes against the free will we were all given. I don't think there's anything wrong with being persuasive.

Anyway, Hitler's thinking was based on the idea that the world is getting better and so are people. He thought he could speed it up ..eliminate those imperfections and have the perfect human race.

I'm not looking to eliminate anyone ...or change anyone. I mean, I want to try ... and present what I believe to be truth .. but I know some people aren't going to care and I can accept that.

You hope that one day all religions will combine, and be harmonized .. right? Well, true followers of Christ will never go along with that. I dunno about other religions. I know that in Revelations, the Bible talks about people unifying beliefs (in the last days) .. creating a world religion, and the anti-christ. There will always be Christians proclaiming Jesus is the only way. It's like we'll ruin the whole hamonizing religion thing. Do you think it's possible (if the Bible is right in that) that in the end Christians will be "eliminated" because they are the only ones ruining the "peace"? I'm not saying .. I'm just asking what you think :-/

<3 Sarah
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