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Kristian Miller-Karlsen
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Re: Aikido and being Christian

Kevin, or "kev" as we would say in Australia,

I believe you are correct in your request from Sarah. It is important that we have tolerance for each other, and our differing spiritual beliefs.

Sarah needs to spend as much time pondering the truth as the rest of us! I wish that reading the Bible was all that was needed to live a wholesome life. I wish it held the complete truth. Many Christians think this is so. Some of the greatest sinners I have seen have been Christians. Why don't more Christians strive for peace, strive to copy Jesus?

In time people will see that to be a religious fundamentalist is to incite violence.

Aikido is about peace at all cost.

God has put us here to fulfill a clear purpose. To live a life that is anything less than harmonious and peaceful will surely end in tears.(IMHO).

I believe strongly that if Jesus were alive today he would be deeply sorrowed by what his so called followers are doing. (IMHO).

As an Aikidoka, (a conservative/fundamentalist Aikidoka) I feel that peace is peace. If a person is rendered stricken by their belief system to the point that they cannot perceive the common thread that unites all humanity then they should be left to flounder, or shown the way.(Aikido is such a way)

I have seen clearly defined in this world 2 types of Christian. The "eye for an eye" Christian, and the "turn the other cheek" Christian. Only one of these is a follower of Jesus.

It is important that people who do not strive for confluence and harmony be left behind. I wish that all people on earth would strive for peace at all cost. I may seem militant and fundamentalist in my statements, but this is so. Peace is peace, not war. All of humanity was created by God. It is not up to humanity to decide who is good and evil. Only God.

God is the only Judge.

Peace be with you.
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