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Re: Aikido and being Christian


I suppose there probably is a truth behind everything. I never denied that. I simply said that I personally do not have a overwhelming need to understand single detail. It simply is not possibly nor is it necessary IHMO. As you have stated earlier, "at some point you must have faith". I don't see where what you or I have said is any different.

What is important more than understanding technicialities is to acheive happiness and peace, IMHO.

If you do study Aikido, one thing that will be frustrating is approaching it as a "technician", that is, trying to understand every position, and every move down to the smallest detail. It is not necessary to understand any thing technical. You simply need to master the principles.

Aikido is more about feeling and experiencing. Through the repetitive process of learning you eventually grow to understand inately what to do. This is why most dojos have a practice of minimal talking.

I have mastered how to use my coffee pot in the morning, but I do not need to understand exactly how it works to use it properly.

To answer your previous question about wanting evidence that refutes that two people cannot have two paradigms...not really interesting in picking hairs over a dogmatic difference.

I am not saying your beliefs are not correct, they are correct for you if you believe them. What is important to me is that you find peace and harmony in your beliefs.

I am more interested in celebrating the things we all have in common, and discussing those issues, than to argue and split hair over who is more right.

If I have one criticism of people it is in this area. This mindset is what causes problems, wars, and conflict.

I can tolerate all religious beliefs and Aikido has room for all, however, the more important question to ask is "do you have room for me and aikido in your values"?
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