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Kristian Miller-Karlsen
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Re: Aikido and being Christian

Hi Sarah,

The idea that any one single religious organization can monopolize the truth seems strange to me. Why would anyone be so arrogant as to shun many centuries of human spiritual evolution and development? Is it because it may not be mentioned in the Bible? I've noticed that some Christians seem to be a little intolerant of other spiritual view points.

I, as a devoted Aikido practitioner, feel obliged to live in harmony with all of humankind, regardless of their religious viewpoint. I certainly don't need to force this view onto anyone else.

I am happy that you have found salvation in Jesus. This is a good thing. For those of us that choose not to do the same, but choose a different view, please be tolerant. For me, to practice Aikido is my life's purpose. When I die the universe will take me back.

Happy training to you. Should you choose to train.
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